Anita Clifford on money laundering in FT Adviser

Anita Clifford

Anita Clifford’s article, ‘Beware management consultants bearing gifts’, has been published in the FT Adviser.

Anita focuses on the risk to management consultants of the money laundering offences. Warnings of this risk are drawn from the recent high-profile questions over Isabel dos Santos’ source of wealth. The nature of management consultancy work means that consultants often provide advice with unprecedented access to financial information. Coupled with the relatively low bar for knowledge or suspicion, there is a danger of becoming involved in an arrangement to facilitate money laundering. Caution and defensive suspicious reporting are advised.

Anita draws on her extensive money laundering practice in this article. She has recently written about the new money laundering regulations, available here.

Money laundering is at the heart of Bright Line Law’s practice, on which more information can be found here.

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