Anita Clifford published in Estates Gazette

Anita Clifford

An article written by Anita Clifford, Anti-money laundering: new customer due diligence requirements, was published last week in Estates Gazette.

In her article Anita analyses the burden of anti-money laundering obligations on estate and letting agents, noting in particular the double requirement on estate agents to perform customer due diligence on both sides of the transaction. Anita addresses the fine balance between prudent commercial conduct and compliance with the regulations, providing practical guidance on the course of action needed. Insightful analysis is also given on the situations which should give rise to a suspicious activity report.

The full article can be found here.

Anita has a successful anti-money laundering practice and is frequently published on its most topical issues. As an example, Anita recently wrote about the money laundering exposure of management consultants for the FT Adviser, available here.