BLL in the news — July 2021

An overview of our press this month

Jonathan Fisher QC in The Times on proposals for a further corporate criminal offence

Lisa Osofsky, director of the Serious Fraud Office, is said to be pressing for the introduction of a corporate criminal offence for ‘failing to prevent economic crime’. In an article for The Times, Jonathan Fisher QC identified concerns that such an approach forgets that it is individuals who commit crime, and individuals who should pay the price.

Jonathan Fisher QC in the Evening Standard on proposals for a further corporate criminal offence

The Evening Standard quoted Jonathan Fisher QC’s warning of the unintended and costly red tape consequences for businesses if the new corporate criminal offence of ‘failure to prevent’ economic crimes is introduced. In particular, he highlighted that the wide definition of economic crime could open the floodgates to litigation against companies for anything that has involved individuals falsifying paperwork.

Jonathan Fisher QC in The Times on HMRC power overreach

In a landmark ruling, a taxpayer has won an appeal brought by HMRC. HMRC had sought to impose liability for high-income child benefit and had issued him with discovery assessments in an effort to recover the tax. The Upper Tribunal has ruled that HMRC had no power to do this. Jonathan Fisher QC, lead counsel of Bright Line Law, was quoted on the decision which, despite the complexity of most tax matters, is notable in its simplicity.

Jonathan Fisher QC provides book review for Counsel magazine

The fourth edition of ‘Corporate Criminal Liability’ by Amanda Pinto QC and Martin Evans QC was reviewed by Jonathan Fisher QC for Counsel magazine, where he noted its timely publication as well as the quality of its content.

Anita Clifford quoted on golden visas and source of funds

The UK Home Office has recently announced a review of all Tier 1 investor visas granted before it made reforms in 2015 and 2019. Commonly known as ‘golden visas’, many holders are likely to be required to provide evidence of the source of their wealth. Anita Clifford provided a practical insight into what high net worth visa holders should be doing now in preparation for Home Office queries, with her quote appearing in a feature published by the International Adviser on 13 July 2021.

Anita Clifford on furlough fraud developments

In an article for the FT Adviser, Anita Clifford discusses developments in the investigation and prosecution of furlough fraud. Some £64 billion has been claimed by employers and there are concerns that a portion of that has been lost to fraud. Anita provided an insight into how furlough fraud can be committed and what businesses who have identified any irregularities in their furlough fraud claims should do. The full article, published 13 July 2021, is available here.