BLL in the news — June 2021

An overview of our press this month

Jonathan Fisher QC featured on Taxing Matters podcast

As a guest of RPC’s Taxing Matters podcast, Jonathan Fisher QC joined Alice Kemp of RPC to discuss search warrants executed by HMRC and how to challenge them by way of judicial review.

Jonathan highlighted the tender points that can provide scope for challenge when defending individuals and companies who are the subject of an HMRC investigation. The full episode, released on 21 June, is available here.

Anita Clifford published in STEP Journal on illicit wealth

Anita Clifford has been published in Issue 3 of STEP Journal 2021, the thirtieth anniversary print issue on illicit wealth in the United Kingdom.

Anita examines the areas that fly under the radar and are yet to attract widespread attention, making them attractive methods of using and moving the proceeds of crime. The full article which was published in June 2021 is available here (paywall).

Rachel Clark published in Taxation on Supreme Court’s decision in Tooth

On 15 June 2021, Rachel Clark’s article ‘Tooth decision is a triumph for common sense’ was published in Taxation.

Rachel analysed the Supreme Court’s decision in CRC v Tooth [2021] UKSC 17, concerning HMRC’s powers to issue discovery assessments. She also explored its ramifications for the future. The full article can be read here.

Anita Clifford comments on European Banks and US Sanctions for Thomson Reuters

Following the recent publishing of an Opinion by Gerard Hogan, Advocate General, of the European Court of Justice on European banks and the potential breach of the EU blocking statute if contracts with US-sanctioned Iranian and Cuban entities are terminated, Anita Clifford was asked by Thomson Reuters to comment on the implications.

Anita spoke of the potential for a bank’s anti-money laundering and anti-corruption policies to ground a decision to not do business with certain entities but emphasised the need for it to be genuine and evidenced by a track record of taking AML and corruption issues seriously. The article was published on 1 June 2021 by Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence.