Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford in AML speaking engagements


Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford have recently been engaged in topical anti-money laundering speaking events.

They delivered a training seminar in partnership with MBL Seminars on the updates to the AML regime bought by the UK’s transposition of 5MLD. They provided an in-depth review of the framework for compliance and legal professionals, using case law and examples to illuminate practical hurdles. Jonathan and Anita are regular and popular contributors to MBL’s AML training delivery.

Jonathan and Anita also delivered a talk on identification and beneficial ownership in money laundering compliance as part of Bright Line Law’s breakfast briefing events. They took the question of direct and indirect control of structures when considering customer identification to its furthest nuance. They also engaged the audience on the specificities of the new duty to report discrepancies to the Registrar, which attracted insightful discussion from practitioners.

Jonathan and Anita draw on their high-level money laundering practices when speaking on these topics. For more information about Bright Line Law’s extensive money laundering and proceeds of crime work, see here.

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