Jonathan Fisher QC in the media

Jonathan Fisher QC

An article written by Jonathan Fisher QC was cited with approval by the Law Commission in its report on the SARs Regime. The report is an in-depth examination of the regime and broadly concludes that its current formulation encourages too many low-quality reports. Part of the report considered the anti-money laundering regime’s extra-territoriality, for which the Law Commission cited Jonathan’s article about the implications for practitioners of the wide jurisdiction of the UK’s anti-money laundering laws.

See Jonathan’s article here.

Jonathan was also quoted in an article published by The Brief, entitled “DPAs: good deals or a two-tier system?”. It examines the effectiveness of the UK’s corporate DPA regime compared to individual DPAs, currently available in the US. Jonathan confirms that individual DPAs might present a more favourable option for some than the risk of criminal conviction. But importantly, as regards the possible creation of a ‘two-tier system’, Jonathan warned that the individual DPA regime could expose the SFO to accusations that it is allowing wealthy criminals to buy their way out.