Jonathan Fisher QC widely quoted on Overseas Entities Bill

Jonathan Fisher QC

Jonathan Fisher QC’s evidence given at the Joint Committee on the Draft Registration of Overseas Entities Bill has been widely reported. The Draft Bill seeks to increase transparency of land ownership in the UK by creating a publicly accessible register of the beneficial owners of overseas entities purchasing and owning land. The Joint Committee Report assesses the merits of the Bill and includes comments from Jonathan highlighting the difficulty of assessing the UK’s weak spots owing to the secretive nature of financial crime. The report has been scrutinised by The Times and The Guardian, both of whom also included insight from Jonathan on the attractiveness of the ‘stable regime’ offered by the London property market for those seeking to launder money. One of the conclusions reached by the Report, echoed by media commentary, was that the exclusion of trusts created a potential loophole. This was supported by Jonathan’s suggestion that anyone wishing to conceal ownership might use a discretionary trust.

See the Report and articles from The Times and The Guardian here.