Russell Hopkins speaks to Martello Financial Services’ affiliate group of industry experts


On Wednesday 20th November, Bright Line Law’s Russell Hopkins spoke to 35 experts from the financial services industry.

Russell was invited to speak by Martello Financial Services, part of Blackrock Expert Services and a provider of expert witnesses in financial services to the legal profession and its clients.

Russell spoke about the duties incumbent on experts in criminal and civil proceedings and some of the pitfalls faced by expert witnesses and those who instruct them.

Richard Moore, one of Martello’s founders (and former Head of Financial Markets at Lloyd’s Bank) and Melissa Gleave, Martello’s Head of Client Engagement, commented:

“Russell Hopkins provided an insightful talk on the role and importance of expert evidence illustrated with recent examples of good and bad practice. Our experts found Russell to be engaging and helpful, and particularly appreciated the time he took to deal with the Q&A.”