Public Access

How it works

Company directors, in-house counsel, public and private organisations, and individual members of the public may instruct the barristers directly at Bright Line Law for legal advice and representation without going through a solicitor, accountant, or other intermediary first.

As one of the UK’s first barrister-led law firms, Bright Line Law seeks to embrace the modernity of legal practice whilst maintaining the heritage of a barrister’s Chambers.

The approach to your case will be strategic, communicative and ‘hands on’. Bright Line Law provides a range of legal services and is authorised by the Bar Standards Board to conduct litigation on behalf of clients.

This work includes case preparation, filing documents, and representing a client in court or at a tribunal hearing. This means that Bright Line Law can:

  • provide a client with tailored legal advice on highly confidential matters, points of law, case strength and the merits of legal proceedings.
  • prepare and send correspondence on behalf of a client.
  • draft witness statements and other court documents such as skeleton arguments.
  • represent a client in legal proceedings.

Bright Line Law provides legal services in a way that is efficient, accessible, and situated within the wider practical and commercial context.

Collaborative teams can be assembled in appropriate cases. Bright Line Law has established relationships with specialist legal and non-legal independent consultants and professional advisory firms in a range of sectors, including forensic accountants, investigators, and media advisers.

Obtaining legal advice and legal representation can be expensive and Bright Line Law works with clients to clarify objectives and deliver cost-sensitive and smart solutions.

Although fees are calculated on an hourly basis, Bright Line Law often accepts instructions on a ‘fixed fee’ or ‘capped fee’ basis. This means that you know the cost from the outset.

There are factors, such as the complexity and urgency of the case, that might impact upon the fee calculation and the timescale within which the work is completed.

If you would like to discuss availability, please contact us by email or telephone +44 (0)20 3709 9470.Email

Guidance for public access clients is available from the Bar Standards Board