Quoted by City AM on tax report

Following publication of The State of Tax Justice’s report concerning the UK’s responsibility for nearly 40 per cent of total tax lost internationally this year, amounting to £359 billion, Jonathan Fisher QC was quoted by City AM (17 November 2021) to explain the distinction between tax avoidance and tax evasion.

Jonathan said:

“Very often the avoidance arrangements may be artificial and contrived, which is why politicians have described them as immoral, but they remain legal.”
Tax evasion on the other, Fisher explained, constitutes a criminal offence.
“It is deliberate and dishonest conduct, designed to reduce tax by misleading HMRC about the true position of an individual’s or a company’s profits or losses”.

The City AM article can be read here.

Jonathan Fisher QC may be contacted directly at Bright Line Law or via his clerks at Red Lion Chambers: Mark BennetteNick Parkinson