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Account unfreezing


Dear Jonathan and Anita

I would like to thank you for the excellent and most effective work carried out on my case. After over twenty-five years spent working in finance without having any adverse dealing with a bank, it came as a surprise to have my corporate account frozen by a major UK bank. It would seem that a specialized software had blocked the account, and bank staff were unwilling to discuss the matter or even hear any of my explanations. After two months, this started to cause serious damage to my business, and the prospect of my reputation being irreparably tainted was most distressing. I appreciated your thorough due diligence and deep knowledge of the way banks operate. With your help, in less than three weeks the account was successfully unfrozen. In a field where both financial institutions and regulators are under resourced and lack proper understanding of the issues involved, your expertise and reputation provided a swift and satisfactory resolution to all parties involved. Having you on my side provided the bank and the regulator enough comfort and reassurance to close the case and release the funds.

Last but not least, I enjoyed working with you, I found your approach friendly and straightforward. I would highly recommend you to anyone who currently has or will have similar issues in the future.

Legislative Change


Subject: Thank you!

Dear Jonathan & Anita,

With much of last week being dominated by the verdict and our subsequent relief, we all wanted to take the time to send you our personal thanks for everything you have done in your capacity as legal representatives for [Albert].

As a family we were very worried about the seriousness of the allegations made against [Albert], and it was therefore our highest priority to ensure that he had the best legal representation. Coming across the details of Bright Line Law via an online search ultimately proved to be one of our best decisions. From our first meeting, it was clear to us that with your wealth of experience and strategic focus we were in safe hands.

Whilst it was a tremendously worrying and daunting experience, we appreciated your sound legal advice and you keeping us informed of every detail throughout the process. We prepared ourselves for the fact that with any court process there may be unpredictable moments, but we felt entirely reassured by your being on hand to answer questions/update us.

We are immensely grateful for everything you have done for us as a family. We acknowledge and appreciate all your efforts – the strategy formulation, the brilliant advocacy you provided, and your excellent client care. We cannot thank you enough.

With best wishes,

[Albert’s Family]

Legislative Change


“Thank you, Jonathan and Anita, for your excellent work on our two matters involving submissions for legislative change and our investigative work with its implications for the UK’s enforcement authorities. In both instances your legal advice and strategic insight has been invaluable, and it also proved to be highly successful. We appreciate your accessibility and level of commitment, and if we need further legal assistance in anything to do with fraud, corruption, money laundering, tax evasion or financial crime matters generally, you shall be our first port of call.”

SRA investigation


“The real purpose of this email is to thank you for your invaluable assistance. This has been a difficult, stressful time. We are extremely grateful to you for your guidance, which has contributed in no small part to the sense of relief which I feel this afternoon.”

Civil fraud


“I have had the pleasure cooperating with Jonathan Fisher QC since 2013. He is methodical, focused, brilliant analytical mind, visionary leader …”

Anti-corruption dialogue consultancy


“Jonathan and Anita: thank you for providing such expert facilitation on anti-corruption, on a pro-bono basis, at the recent regional dialogue event in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition to your great knowledge, experience and professionalism, you came with a flexible approach and a thoughtfulness about the context of the discussions that was enormously appreciated and helped to make a success of the event.”

Cash forfeiture appeal


“[We] are very pleased by the result. We truly believe that the justice has served. We simply can’t thank Anita and Jonathan enough for the work you’ve done for our family … Bright Line Law is simply [a] magical firm. [Jonathan is] an absolute perfectionist advocate … Calm and calculated … Not one of the best, but undoubtedly the best of the best. We would like to extend our warmest wishes for [your] good health and [a] prosperous future. We would strongly recommend Bright Line Law to those who feels the hope and justice are lost. Warmest and best regards.”

Account freezing


“[To Anita Clifford] Thank you for your great work on my case which had a happy ending even if it wasn’t so promising at the beginning! Your patience & understanding of my personal situation was the key of our excellent communication. Despite my language barrier, I still was able to have a 100% clear image of my case from day one and that’s because you were always simplify[ing] the words for me, and I’m very grateful for that.”

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