Anita Clifford delivers 6AMLD webinar

Anita Clifford Bright Line Law

Anita Clifford recently delivered a webinar on the Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive ‘6AMLD’ for MBL Seminars.

In this webinar Anita examines the breadth of the money laundering offences under the latest Directive in comparison to UK criminal liability. The notable rise of corporate criminal liability for money laundering is assessed, as are the available sanctions. Importantly, Anita provides guidance on the impact of 6AMLD on AML policies and procedures. It should be remembered that though the UK has opted out on the basis of strong pre-existing criminal offences, regulated businesses in the UK with a presence in EU states must prepare for the changes.

The webinar is available from 9 July onwards, see here for more details.

This work stems from Anita’s money laundering expertise and Bright Line Law’s specialist practice in this area.