White Collar Crime Centre quoted by Law Commission

White Collar Crime Centre

The White Collar Crime Centre’s January 2020 publication ‘Proceed with Caution: The Case for a Narrowly Tailored Corporate Confiscation Scheme In The UK’ was positively quoted in the recent Law Commission Consultation Paper on Confiscation.

The paper drafted by Vanessa Reid, focused on whether the United Kingdom should introduce a corporate confiscation regime and if so, how it would be best implemented.

You can read the report in full here.

The White Collar Crime Centre was established in 2016, operating separately to the legal practice of Bright Line Law, to explore the developing engagement between criminal law and corporate misconduct. The Centre undertakes high-level research into corporate wrongdoing and financial crimes to develop policy and strategic responses which serve as a catalyst for contemporary debate. This work is strengthened by contributions from legal practitioners and academics, both independent and part of Bright Line Law.

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