Bright Line Law works with the Council of Europe in Georgia and Moldova

Council of Europe

Jonathan Fisher QC, Lead Counsel, and Anita Clifford, Barrister, are delighted to be working with the Council of Europe over the summer to deliver workshops focused on illicit enrichment and also anti-money laundering in the Republic of Moldova and Georgia.

Instructed by the Council of Europe as experts in the area, Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford travelled to the Republic Moldova and then onto Georgia in June to discuss possible ways to fight corruption beyond the introduction of an illicit enrichment offence and anti-money laundering requirements in the wake of the EU’s Fourth Anti Money Laundering Directive. The workshop held in the Republic of Moldova brought together representatives of policy making bodies in the criminal justice sector, prosecutorial and investigative bodies, and authorities involved in asset recovery from Eastern Partnership countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Topics discussed included civil recovery, unexplained wealth orders and asset disclosures.

Representatives of the Georgian Bar Association attended the workshop held in Georgia which focused on professional secrecy principles, risk assessment, internal policies and procedures and Customer Due Diligence in the wake of global trend towards more comprehensive anti-money laundering controls.

More on the workshops can be found at here