Upcoming Bright Line Law participation in unexplained wealth discussion

Anita Clifford and Jonathan Fisher Qc

Anita Clifford has been quoted in a story for moneylaundering.com titled ‘UK Investigators Eye Permanent Partnership with Private Sector AML Staff’

Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford are participating in ‘The Challenges of Criminal Money: Targeting Unexplained Wealth’, an event taking place on Friday 17th May 2019. The event is co-hosted by the Criminal Justice Centre and the University of Sussex, and is taking place at Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies. It will comprise workshops focused on answering questions about the targeting of proceeds of crime through civil recovery. Jonathan and Anita will be joined by other financial crime experts, both from academia and practice, in answering these topical questions.

Details of the event can be found here.