Advocacy and Litigation

What we offer

We are one of the UK’s leading barristers law firms in white collar crime cases, providing a specialist advocacy and litigation service in civil criminal and regulatory cases, with particular expertise in the areas of bribery and corruption, economic sanctions, financial services, fraud, money laundering and proceeds of crime, and tax disputes. Much of our work involves cross-border transactions, offshore companies and trusts, and we are well accustomed to dealing with highly complex cases with large volumes of evidence.

We appear in civil and criminal courts, as well as tribunals instructed by firms, companies of all sizes and members of the public directly. We engage in litigation and advise and represent the client throughout the entirety of the proceedings. Our work is not defined by jurisdiction (ie., civil work or criminal work) but by subject matter. We represent clients facing any issue in a court or tribunal in the areas of proceeds of crime, economic sanctions, tax investigations, corruption and money laundering.

Our approach is one of rigorous examination and strategy, with a reverence for excellence and a commitment to a successful outcome. Jonathan Fisher is one of a handful of barristers to provide his legal services through a corporate entity which is authorised by the Bar Standards Board. We are covered by professional indemnity insurance provided by Bar Mutual in the same way as an individual practitioner.

If you require specialist advocacy and litigation services, please contact us by email or telephone +44 (0)20 3709 9470.Email